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SCSS: Clean Code

Clean Code SCSS is more then just CSS with variables. It can also help you with cleaning your code. For example you can place the :before inside the parent div. Let me show you how to do that… Requirements Completed the SCSS Setup tutorial First we take a look at a normal CSS code: This…

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SCSS: Variables

Variables One of the main reasons SCSS is better then regular CSS is the fact that it uses variables. You can give variables information that you can later use again. This can come in handy if you use for example the same background-color on multiple divs. If you at some point want to change that…

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SCSS: Setup

What is SCSS? SCSS is a more advanced CSS. With SCSS you can make variables and shorten your code. This won’t have any impact on the front end of your website but it will make styling your site a lot easier. So lets start the SCSS setup! Requirements Visual Studio Code Live Sass Compiler (Add-on…