Minecraft Ray Tracing

Minecraft Ray Tracing

With Microsoft cancelled the super duper graphics pack for Minecraft a week ago they had a new announcement today. Minecraft Ray Tracing is coming to Windows 10. This will add some nice new reflection and lightning to the game. But since it is only for Windows 10 what about the Consoles? Better Graphics for a…

Sims Sims 4

Sims 4 isn’t going anywhere

In the Maxis Livestream Maxis said that the Sims 4 isn’t going anywhere. So we will see no Sims 5 anythime soon. They also said that the game will get a revamp this month.We will see 1000 new objects new haircuts and clothing. And a brand new Logo.

Warcraft III Reforged

Where is Warcraft III Reforged

It has been 8 months and we haven’t heard a thing about Warcraft III Reforged since Blizzcon back in November. Why isn’t Blizzard telling us anything and when will we finally get a Beta? And is the release date closer then we think? Lets cover all the information we have and hope we can find…